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Pokemon Go Taman Jaya

To all Pokemon Go trainers out there, here are some health tips before you set out to catch your Pikachu or Dragonite during a hot and sunny day. Catching Pokemon can be fun but please do not ignore your health and safety.

Before going out for a hunt, do prepare your hunting bag. Make sure it filled with drinking water, at least a 12,000 mAh pokeball charger, an umbrella and some power bar if you want. Next, before going out on a hot and sunny day, remember to have your daily meal and some Vitamin C (Usana Poly C) before heading out. If you're in a hurry, just make yourself an Usana Nutrimeal drink packed with vitamins and fiber to give your the energy that you need for the hunt.

Hunting for Pikachu, indoor or outdoor?

For these Pikachu lovers, you can find them at two places where the spawn is good. Those two places are Taman Jaya and Sunway Pyramid. There are pros and cons of hunting outdoor vs indoor. The pro of indoor hunting is that there is air conditioning and food centre all around it. You don't have to worry about the hot sun or rain. From what I gathered, Pikachu spawns near the ice skating ring. The cons would be in an indoor building GPS signal and data tends to be unstable and at times weak. There are times when Pikachu is right in front of you and your device shows NO GPS signal found. Arrrghhh...how frustrating! By the time there's GPS signal, your Pikachu might have already ran away.

At Taman Jaya however it's a whole new experience. The park itself gives you natural shelter from the trees and there are rest area located around it which you can stop for a drink. Remember to drink water oftenly, not only when you are thirsty. Enjoy the cooling breeze that you get once a while even on a hot and sunny day. If it's too hot, here is where your mini umbrella comes in handy. Pikachu spawns mostly around 3 areas. One is near the Taman Jaya Pokestop, the other is near the pond area and lastly around the gym vicinity. Beware of your surroundings as there are tree roots, steps, bike path, playground items and many more obstacles when you're hunting your pokemon in a park. If you are lucky, you might catch yourself a Dratini or even a Gyarados at the park.

Looking for your first DRAGONITE?

Dragonite usually spawns near area with water like a river, lake or pond. I've heard that one of the best place to catch yourself a Dragonite is Setiawalk, Puchong. I decided to try my luck there. The good thing is that Setiawalk is full of places for you to dine, eat, drink & catch your pokemon at the same time. You'll want to hang around the centre of the pond. Spawn there is incredible and most of the time there's FREE lure. Here you can catch numerous Magikarp to evolve your perfect Gyarados.

Besides that there are also spawning of uncommon or rare Pokemon at Setiawalk. I got my Pokedex added mostly from here and at the park. Pokemon such as Onix, Growlithe, Ponyta, Sandshrew, Tentacruel, Dratini, Dragonaire and many more are also found here. Remember to keep yourself hydrated. You should be de-hydrated after your gym battles, :o). Just recently while trying to catch a CP 975 Dragonaire, after feeding it with berries before each Ultra Ball throw, having to try 4-5 times, eventually it ran away. Tough luck... Well stay tune for more tips and remember to stay healthy, keep hydrated, be safe and happy hunting!

*PS: This article is for experience sharing purpose only and I'm still waiting for my 1st Dragonite.

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