Living With Hole In The Heart (Part 2)

Heart Defect

With this Heart Defect known as Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD), thankfully I manage to survive and lead a normal life. Moving on from the last story, now I’m heading to my college years and life after that. As for exercising, badminton is now my life long sports. Can’t live without it.

Fun and Challenging College Years

I took up design course as I don’t like to study although I qualified to enter form 6 at that time. My parents and late aunt is very supportive of my decision. Thanks to them I enter LimKokWing Institute of Creative Technology. They supported me for the 3 years Diploma course.

Many of my college mates didn’t know that I had this heart defect besides a few good buddies. Luckily my heart was in a stable condition and I manage to achieve plenty that time. He had lots of fun especially when we stayed over night at Imbi campus to finish up our assignments and projects.

We even took part in a national car design competition back then. I eventually major in Graphic Design Technology as many of us did because we didn’t like Art History. Furthermore those lessons were more lively and hands on as those lecturers were from the field itself. Even after graduating most of us kept in touch and would meet up at least once a year during Chinese New Year.

Tragedy Struck After Graduation

Even with a heart defect you can lead a colorful and fruitful life. My check up now has been made into just a yearly visit and to do echo and blood test every 2-3 years. Eventually I found my life partner and wanted tied up the knot soon. Sadly tragedy struck. One night after my badminton, all of a sudden my Small Little Kancil was hit by a Honda CRV head on. The traffic light is GREEN on my side.

At the point of impact, I just grab hold of my steering wheel and could feel the car spinning at least 3 times before it stop. Luckily I was conscious throughout the whole situation. Thereafter my badminton friends came to my help. Thankfully my injuries is not life threatening. The CRV that hit me was driven by a young guy who just got his driving license. He was in the car with his girlfriend. My Kancil is TOTAL LOST.

I was then admitted to University Hospital. After spending a night there, I was told that the operating room is full. Hence, my best friend Mike, who is also my insurance agent had me transfer to Assunta Hospital. As can be seen in a private hospital, I was immediately being prep for operation.

Hospitalization and Post Surgery

This is my first time ever to be in a Operating Room. I just remember being wheel into the OR after they clean up my blood stains. Then I can hear the doctor asking me to count to 10 while inhaling the gas. After that it was all blackout. I was put into general anesthesia due to the fact that the surgeons need to repair the tendons on both knees, one of my finger got cut deeply by the broken glass and a broken collar bone on my right hand.

Thankfully the surgeons manage to rescue my tendons and got it fix on time. If not I wouldn’t be able to walk properly again. I was hospitalize for almost a week and wasn’t able to put pressure on my leg yet. Doc says I can try to stand up if I want to after the third day.

I still remember that one of my temple friend, Clyde visit me on the 3rd day. He’s a tall & big guy therefore I feel that he could help me to stand up. Hence I try to stand up with his help but it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. After a few attempts, finally I was able to stand on both my feet.

Stay tune for my post operation recovery story coming up soon.


Contributor : BK Tan (Web Designer)

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